My Puli, Grusel and her run in with mammary gland mixed carcinoma

August 22nd, 2012 - When it all started :(

I was checking a scatch on Grusel from the woods, and ran my hand over a small lump. It was under the skin. I felt my body freeze. I went in to tell Dan. He just came out and sat with her. Grusel was acting like nothing was wrong.

8/23/2012 - I called U of I in the morning, and luckly they had an appoitment that day for oncology. Grusel and I rushed down, Dad let me put her in his car. During her exam, they found no swollen lymph nodes, could not find any other masses. They ran blood work, did an ultrasound, and fine needle aspiration. The blood work showed her liver enzymes ALT was at 326, and bilrubin was at .4. I schedule the tumor removal, spay, liver biopsy, and abdominal exlore for Tuesday the 28th. The doctor called later to let me know the fine needle aspiration only showed uniform mammary gland cells, and was most likely benign, but to wait to hear what patholgy said after the tumor was removed and submitted.

8/25/2012 Fed them about 9:15, and she only wanted to eat the raw portion of her kibble. Dan gave her two fried nuggets and she vomited them up around 11:30. I gave her some bread right after, thinking her acid reflux was acting up. Fed her a snack of some canned food and yogurt at 2:15. At 6:30 she vomited it up. I have her pepcid. I tried to get her to take some drinks of water with sugar in it. She had a nice poop on our short walk at 7:30. Small drink when we got back. 8:20 didn't want a bread snack, took her temp it was 101.6. Through 10:30 offered small sips of water. 10:30 she didn't want any and laid down with Dan. He went into the kitchen and slippled her some boild chicken, some bread, a bit of rice. I stayed up. at 1am she seems comfortable. 2am heard her drinking a little. 8:30 no puke from last night. Gave pepcid and she was willing to eat chicken n rice when I set it down. She was picky with food, but not more vommiting.

8/28/2012 Her surgery went fine. Her liver felt firm, and a sample was sent out. She came home with me that night. I had to turn around and get her since she was being too loud and bouncing around. I was glad to bring her home.

8/31/2012 Biopsy reports came in. The FNA was wrong, the tumor was a mixed cell carcinoma, Grade 1. They did get clear margins. I asked if the tumor size (her's was only .4mm) would affected the grade. He said it would not, it is the cells that make it up. He reminded me we forgot to run a chest xray, but was almost certain nothing would show up. It does not appear tumors were anywhere else. She is to be monitored and given check ups every 3-6 months. And of course brest exams frequently at home. Grade 1 is the least malignate. It has to do with the appearance of the cells. I have to get her the chest xray right away, just for my own piece of mind. Maybe Dr. Lendy will run it for me tomorrow. Not sure if it will be clear enough, or I have to wait till I'm down their to see internal medicine. (9/1 he didn't have any openings, with the holiday I'll have to wait till Tuesday to schedule the appoitment with U of I internam med and for the chest x-ray.) Talking with her oncologist yesterday, he feels there a VERY slight chance it could be in her lungs, very slight he said.
The liver biopsy showed issues, not sure if I heard them right. I think I got periportal lymphoplasmacytic hepatitis. I have to talk to internal medicine to see how we can treat it. I have to of course research it. I think it is autoimmune, but not sure cuz they mentioned cordisol.
Now on to reserach :'(

**** I'm not a vet or even close to an expert on this. I've just spent a lot of time reading online trying to figure out what I can do for my boy. Above is the best information I could find.
If you have a story you'd like me to post, either to share with friends, or to cut back on what you need to remember in this hoctic times, please feel free to email me and I can get your pup a page.
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