Doberman FAQ

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General Doberman Questions

  • What to ask your potential breeder before purchasing a Doberman Puppy >> learn more
  • What should I feed my Doberman?
    • Raw Diet
    • Types of Kibble
  • How much exercises is needed?
  • What is a good job for them?
  • Where to start with training?
    • Basic Obedience
    • Agility
    • Schutzhund
    • Rally
    • Fly Ball
    • Dock Diving

  • What to do on Rainy Days.
    • Kong Treats
    • Knuckel Bones

    Doberman Health Questions

    Doberman Cardio & DCM Common Questions

    • Dobermans and their risk for cardio issues
    • What is DCM?
    • What are the symptoms?
    • How do I test?
      • About Testing
      • What will it show
      • What are VPC, or premature ventriculr contractions, what are they?
      • cauces of vpc
    • I've just found out my dog has DCM, what now?
    • Dogs living with DCM are they happy
    • What can I expect when the time comes?
    • Arrhythmias and Heart Diesase
    • Dobermans and Sudden Death
    • Does hypothyroid cause DCM symptoms in Dobermans?
      • Hypothyroid does not cause DCM, but it can make it worse. Hypothyroidism can lead to contraction problems with the heart. This can make heart failure advance much faster. It can also effect the electrical currents in the heart and cause an arrhythmia. All things a Dobe don't need. Many Dobes have this problem, it is 90% genetic. When dealing with the heart it is important to have this checked out.
    • Is cardiomyopathy more common in red Dobermans?
      • No, this is a myth.

    DCM Treatment Options

    • Pimobendan test results on occult DCM
    • Carvedilol for mitral regurgitation & side effects
    • Arrhythmias Medication
    • drugs and what they are suppose to do
    • Carvediolo for Dobermans
    • Carvediole and Hypthyroidsm

    Heart Healthy Diet & Supplements

    • CoQ10 - 120mg then 60mg daily (w food)
    • L-Carnitine - 500mg twice a day (w food)
    • Tarine - 500mg twice a day (w food)
    • Salmon oil = 1000mg twice a day (w food)
    • Potassium
    • Magnesium
    • Feed HIGH PROTEIN - A food high in protein has be recommended by some from heart studies. Solid Gold's Barking at the Moon is one with high protein (41%). It has salmon oil, fish meal, among other great ingrediedents.
    • keep dog ideal weight so moderate fat
    • L-Carnitine - helps stop cells in the heart muscle from deteriorating and aids in heart function - it is fond in animal proteins, red meats (heavy cooking can loss this nutrients) supplements can be giving 500mg per 20lb
    • Tarine - found in most animal proteins, cooking can destroy it - cook meat lightly or get supplement 500mb per 50lb
    • CoQ10 is an enzyme that helps sport hearth heath and lower blood pressre. it is also considered antioxidant in nature. 1mg per pound of body weight. There have been impressive studies with this enzyme!!!
    • Fish body oil or salmon oil contains omega 3 fatty acids
    • Give Vitamin E with the fish oil
    • Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C help the heart - vit c is said to synthesize carnitine.
    • Do no restrict sodium unless your vet says to. This is mostly for the later stages of heart disease, or in case of certain medications.

    Testing & Research

    • Genetic mutation testing for Dobermans
    • Current DCM research
    • Learn more about holter & echo testing
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