Doberman Stories

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Ka's fight with Osteosarcoma & Fibrosarcoma

Ka's life Blog - soon to come!

Kheper's fight against DCM

Kheper's life Blog - we make sure each moment counts!

Petey's Blog, he is Fighting DCM too. Petey also has a section in our shared stores, click here to read

Rah's Story - Living with DCM

Saya health log, including her current issues with Pancreatitis.

Springston's Mystic Angel fight against Addison's Disease

Eli's fight against DCM

Grusel's brush with mix cell carcinoma in her mammary gland.

You can read more on our link, Shared Stories

PLEASE share your stories with us! I'm ask so many times, questions such as what is it like living with a dog with DCM, or how did you find out your had cancer. By sharing our experience we can help others know they are not the only ones out there facing the horrible diesease that try to take us away from our Dobermans!

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If it is easier to email me a link to your blog, and/or a word document ect., please feel free to do so
Thank you!

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